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We definitely understand how the application process for false lashes can seem a tad bit frightening. Especially if you have a special occasion that you are attending and need to complete your makeup look all on your own (ah!). We are here to relieve some of that fear by explaining a simple step-by-step process on how to apply false eyelashes in the easiest way possible.

Read below for our best lash application tips!

ESQIDO - Big City Nights Mink Lashes
Model is wearing ESQIDO’s Big City Nights Mink Lashes

1. Pre Eye Prep
The first step in the false eyelash application process is the pre eye prep. Many beginners don’t realize that your mink eyelashes should be applied after putting on eye makeup. This allows for a clean application, without getting in the way or messing up your eyeshadow, liner, etc, while also making sure the lash glue adheres properly.

This second tip will be a lifesaver for any beginners…apply a line of black liner before applying your lashes. This way, the lash band can seamlessly blend in with the base of your lash line, leaving no visible gaps.

2. Remove carefully from the packaging
If you’re wearing ESQIDO mink lashes, they’re packaged in a beautiful casing that allows for the shape & curl of the lashes to remain intact. When removing them from the plastic tray, only pull them off from the cotton band with a pair of tweezers or carefully with your fingers. Never pull them off from the individual strands as this could possibly cause the lashes to be ripped from the band. Taking great care of them is key to extending the lashes’ wearability and longevity!

3. Measure and Trim
Since our eyes come in all different shapes and sizes, sometimes the lashes may be too large for your lash line. To check if this is the case, hold the mink lashes to your lash line as if you were to apply them. If there is any excess length, place your finger at the spot you need to trim them. Using a pair of beauty scissors, trim the lashes by cutting the excess lash length from the band, making sure to always trim from the outside in.

4. Apply Lash Glue
Using our best selling Companion Eyelash Glue (specially formulated to be latex-free!), brush a coat of glue along the band of the lashes. The biggest tip we have for this step is to wait about 15-20 seconds for the glue to become sticky before applying to your lash line. This allows for the glue to adhere to your skin much better, ensuring your lashes won’t be falling off through the day/night!

ESQIDO's latex-free Companion Eyelash Glue
ESQIDO’s latex-free Companion Eyelash Glue


Pro-tip: If you find that your eyelids tend to be oily, we recommend adding an extra dap to the ends of the lash band, and once in the middle as well for extra holding power.

4. Adhere to your Eye & Hold
This is the step that people often have a little more trouble. It takes practise, but soon you’ll be a pro lash applicator! The trick is to put a mirror below you, so you can easily see whether the lashes are being applied right up against your lash line (this is what helps to create a more seamless & natural look).

Hold the lashes by the ends with your fingers or an applicator/tweezer, and place directly up along your lash line, then press the lashes down gently on the outer corner of your eye, and finally the inner corner. Once they are placed on your lash line, use a pair of tweezers to nudge the false lashes right up onto the lash line.


….And you’re done putting on false eyelashes!

Voila! That wasn’t so difficult right? Practice makes perfect! You’ll likely find that our mink lashes are much easier to apply thanks to a unique soft cotton band construction, which allows the lashes to contour your eyes easily. Now that you know how to put on false eyelashes, want to know how to remove them? Check out our blog post, “How to Remove False Eyelashes“!


Demonstration photos by Politics of Pretty


Prefer a video instead?

If you need more of a visual display of how to apply your false lashes, watch beauty YouTuber, mirellabellebeauty, apply our Esqido lashes in a tutorial!